the rumors are true


…I’m still pregnant. :)

Yesterday marked my first “official” day of maternity leave, which I did on purpose. Even though our due date is not until Friday, I saved up some vacation days for the week leading up to the big day, thinking (if he was still in the womb) it’d be good to have a few days to relax before he arrived. And now it’s here!

So we are trying our hardest to enjoy these last few days “just the two of us,” although I admit it’s hard not to be anxious just to see this little guy’s face! But I find myself in a deep place of gratitude this afternoon . . . grateful for a healthy pregnancy, that we’ve made it this far, and for this special time with Kyle.

Also, if you’ve texted me in the past two days and I haven’t responded, I don’t hate you. I just happen to leave my phone upstairs a lot, and once it’s up there and I’ve already made the journey downstairs, well . . . it’s a journey to get back up. You understand.

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