the waiting game

Remember that time, about ten days ago when I took a picture of myself with a big, “I’m about to meet my baby!” smirk and posted it on the internet for the world to see? And then remember when ten days passed and I was still pregnant?

I do.

But there’s hope yet, it turns out I won’t break a record for world’s longest pregnancy. We head to the hospital tomorrow night to start the inducing process. We’ll start small on Sunday night, stay overnight, and they’ll induce on Monday morning. I really hesitated posting anything on any form of social media about this, only because I have been slightly overwhelmed with it all and wanted to maintain some form of privacy. However, our family does need a lot of prayer, so pray for us in the coming days! We are anxious to meet this little guy and bring him home.

Meanwhile, here’s a song that’s been on repeat in our house:

“I Will Show You Love” by Kendall Payne

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