39th week

14859_555407378428_693777110_nWell, week 39 arrived! At this point, my feet are so swollen that the shoes you see above are all that work now… which is a great excuse to wear slippers to work! My maternity leave officially starts a week from today (to read more on that, click here), our bags are packed, car seat installed, paperwork completed . . . we’re as ready as we’re going to be! 9 months ago this time seemed like forever away, now it’s here and the anticipation of holding our sweet boy has eradicated all fear of labor and delivery (well, almost all fear). We are ready to meet our little boy, hold him in our arms, and bring him home. Until then, I am spending lots of time with my exercise ball, walking laps in Target, and eating any and every spicy food that comes my way.

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