Vacation, had to get away…

We’re going on month six of being married, and the time has already come for a vacation. :-) My heart can hardly take it. Fortunately for us, my Uncle Steve (shout-out!) gave us a pretty sweet wedding gift… frequent flyer miles. The conversation was pretty short… “Where could we go?” *Pause for dramatic effect* “To see MIKE AND KIM IN BOSTON!” Our friends, Mike and Kim Fightmaster, live/work/go to grad school in Boston, and we’ve been trying to figure out a way to go see them. Now that we’re married, it makes life way less complicated traveling together without having to worry about staying in different places. +100 points for marriage. Here are some pics of us with the Fightmasters back in the golden years…

So… off we go! 2nd vacation as a married couple. Even better spending it with two of our favorite people and exploring a new city together. Goodbye Indiana!

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