olé, olé!

Taking Thursdays as a day of rest/relaxation/reflection.etc, I get to enjoy doing whatever-the-heck-I-want and still have Friday to play catch-up. Therefore, I take the day to literally unwind and get re-inspired. . . whether that is from Eagle Creek Park, my couch, or the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

This past week, I chose the IMA. Kyle and I went through the exhibits together, and the entire time I drooled over what people are capable of with their hands. Seriously, my creative spirit grew green horns of envy. Interestingly enough, today I came across a speech by Elizabeth Gilbert that expresses oh-so-eloquently some of my very thoughts yesterday. All of us, as created people, hold the power of creativity. And because I believe in a God bigger than I could ever possibly understand or limit with words, I also believe that God shows us glimpses of the Divine through creativity. Art, music, writing, sculptures, fashion, nature, colors, whatever. I look around at the world our Creator made and am grateful He gives us a peek sometimes.

Francis Schaeffer wrote, “No work of art is more important than the Christian’s own life, and every Christian is called upon to be an artist in this sense. He may have no gift of writing, no gift of composing or singing, but each man has the gift of creativity in terms of the way he lives his life. In this sense, the Christian’s life is to be an art work. The Christian’s life is to be a thing of truth and also a thing of beauty in the midst of a lost and despairing word.” How beautiful and true. . . and yet also how tragic when we all keep our inner-spirits locked up inside and live dull, quiet, boring lives instead of ones that draw people near to our Creator.

I hope to live a life that could one day be expressed as a work of Art, don’t you?

3 thoughts on “olé, olé!”

  1. i love that you take a day every week to do this. so healthy. this post reminds me of this quote."strength is her canvas with shades of vulnerability and compassion…how she longs for the Artist to finish her portrait."–lisa dauffenbach

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