“So Anne, I guess I’ll be a teacher.”

Kyle has this game he plays where he majorly downplays very exciting events.

Tonight, he did just that. Until I wouldn’t let him.

A few weeks ago, Kyle went in for interview 241 at Covenant Christian High School. The interview seemed promising, but we’d heard that song and dance before, so even though we both wanted to get our hopes up, we just waited.

Two weeks ago, he went in for his second interview… again, seemingly promising but secretly scared it wouldn’t work out. This past week in Boston I knew it was on his mind the entire time, “Will they call?” “Will I get the job?” “Will they give it to someone else?” “Why haven’t they called me yet?”

Tonight, Kyle’s phone rang at 9:12. Yes, 9:12 exactly. And I’m typing this at 9:51. Kyle got offered a teaching job for this coming fall. Needless to say, in words that don’t do our emotions justice… we’re excited. Both of us have our dream jobs. Oh, and did I mention? Covenant and Chapel Rock practically share a parking lot. Looks like we’ll be sharing a lot of lunches and rides.

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