shut my eyes, tell me something different.

Sometimes I wonder, in the midst of chaos, how everyone around me seems to be going through life just fine. Smiling, laughing, filling up their gas tank, going out to eat. . . as though no one around them is suffering. Shouldn’t the world be stopping because ________?

I feel that way right now.

My heart swells for the people of Haiti. I don’t claim to be better because of this. Because, to tell you the truth, although I watched footage on and off all day, spent a better part of it with my soul on its knees, and tried to find ways to get other friends connected, I came home tonight and watched American Idol. I laughed while making dinner. I forgot about Haiti.

I wonder how it is that we can turn our minds off to the things that devastate us. Or is it, rather, that we are no longer devastated because we really are wrapped up in ourselves?

I went to post something tonight on Facebook about an update from some of the people that are in Haiti from Chapel Rock, but instead of finding more ways to support, more people praying–I saw status updates about television shows that were on tonight, weekend plans, new purchases made. And although I judge no one for it (how hypocritical would that be), I am still startled by our ability to turn our eyes and listen to a different song. To hear different screams. I am overcome by our ability to forget that people are hurting. So tonight, I pray for broken hearts and hands that will move beyond our daily lives and into those that are damaged and hurting.

3 thoughts on “shut my eyes, tell me something different.”

  1. bothers me too. dont know if you've seen this movie but it reminds me of that scene from hotel rwanda where jack says, "i think if people see this footage they'll say, 'oh my god that's horrible,' and then go on eating their dinners."

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