New, newer, and newest.

I am embarrassed to think about the grim and unfortunate truth that I have become quite the boring blogger. I start out every blog with hopes of being witty, clever, and even on a good day inspiring. And yet, every time I sit down to write something on here–no words seem to come to mind.

Perhaps that has everything to do with the fact that my life has been on high-speed lately and I am just now starting to settle in. In case you didn’t know, I got married a little over a month ago. New: wedding. Newer: new last name. Newest of all: husband. Moving swiftly along. . . I started my job. New: a real paycheck. Newer: living in one place at a time. Newest: getting to love and hang out with students for a living. :) Next transition–I finished school. New: not going to class. Newer: not writing any more papers. Newest: continuing to be a lifelong learner in much more conducive environments.

So, there you have it–three major life transitions summed up in a few short sentences. As I have referenced before, transition has always been somewhat of a struggle for me–but living in a perpetual state of transition has definitely softened the blow of making three major life transitions all in one month. It’s been splendid, in fact. When I have more time, I promise to write something worthwhile. Well, I take that back, I promise to write something. Until then, thanks for stopping by.

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