in pursuit of the sexy.

I have noticed this really scary trend lately amongst twenty, thirty, forty, and well… any-age-somethings. We have confused living a life of “purposeful risk” ” for “sexy.”

When I first moved to North Carolina, back in June of 2008, I did a “sexy” thing for “sexy’s” sake. I moved to another state, pursued something “dangerous,” (I laugh at this now), and thought that by moving somewhere far away–I would find what I was looking for. Something different, scary, unknown, risky, etc.

What I realized during that time was that you don’t have to move 500 miles away to do something risky, different, scary, or uncomfortable. Thankfully, in the midst of the “sexy,” I experienced “purposeful risk” (which does not always happen). This reminds me of that stuuuuupid John Mayer song, Waiting On the World to Change. Honestly? Waiting? Since when did we wait on the world to change and not change our own world? And really, I would ask–why wouldn’t we? If we’re so obsessed with purposeful risk, why do we shut our eyes to the world within five miles of us?

I understand that people move to different places in life, and that’s great. There are some people that truly seek and desire to move around, be nomads, and travel the world for a purpose beyond themselves. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. However-in pursuit of the sexy, I also believe we can actually live without any purpose at all. Is it possible to ever experience the true beauty behind being known and knowing others when you uproot yourself every twelve months?

When you reach that year-mark, something risky happens. People begin to know you for who you really are, and as a result, you have the opportunity to know them right back. And you love them. And they love you. And it’s scary, risky, and crazy good for us. Why do we feel the need to change our zip code? Why do we feel the need to physically plant ourselves in different geographical locations–as if that will cure our unsatisfied desire within our souls? I don’t believe it will. In fact, unless we are currently doing everything we can, with everything we have, in the exact place we are–I somehow doubt that changing our zip code will somehow change our approach to life.

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