Positive Patsy.

After living with Stephanie Norwood this summer, the most glass-half-full person I know, I have been transformed. So much so, in fact, that instead of being a Negative Nancy the past week, I have indeed been a Positive Patsy. . . and I owe it all to Steph!

I came down with some sort of virus this week, and although most have been bummed out by illness during this time of year, I embraced it. Illness, you could not have come at more perfect time. And no, I’m not being sarcastic. I’m 100% serious.
I have this problem. I guilt myself way too often over things that are not. my. fault. Someone looks at me weird after a conversation? Think about it for hours. Turn in a half-butt paper? Feel remorse every time I see my professor. Have free time? Wonder what I could be doing instead. You get the idea. . .
So with this illness thing, I realized that the best thing I could do for my body would be to chill the heck out, relax, lay on the couch, eat some pretzels, and be fine with that. And so, my friends, I have composed a list of all the positive things that come along with being sick:
1. I got to be a kid again and make Raspberry Jello Jigglers.
2. I caught up on TV shows that I never get to watch in “adult world,” like Ellen, the Today Show, and other daytime television shows that stunt my brain growth…
3. Now that Hulu has been invented, I also caught up on nighttime television programs, specifically The Office, Modern Family, and Community.
4. I emailed friends that I haven’t talked to in a while (would’ve called, but that whole “talking” thing wasn’t working out so well…)
5. I took naps and felt 0% guilt–it was a necessity.
6. I decided not to take a shower, and actually had a legitimate reason besides just being lazy.
7. During delusional sick dreams, I woke up thinking I was bald and then felt ecstatic to realize I had a full-head of hair. (How often do I get to be thankful for that?)
Can you think of some more reasons why being sick isn’t so bad? Add to the list…

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