She is thus, man’s glory…

As I’ve been studying and preparing for my NT Seminar presentation, I came across this statement by Gordon Fee in his commentary of 1 Corinthians. He’s actually discussing creation here, and the story of Adam and Eve, but I absolutely love the way he phrases this. I have no direct thoughts for now… but just wanted to share it with you all. :)

“Man by himself is not complete; he is alone, without a companion or helper suitable to him. The animals will not do; he needs one who is bone of his bone, one who is like him but different from whom, one who is uniquely his own “glory.” … She is thus man’s glory because she ‘came from man’ and was ‘created for him.’ She is not thereby subordinate to him, but necessary for him. She exists to honor as the one who having come from man is the one companion suitable for him, so that he might be complete and that together they might form humanity.” (Fee 517)

I love the idea that she is not subordinate to him, but necessary for him. Together… they might form a team. Neither is wholly benefitted without the other. This is so my heart… together they might form humanity.

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