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Category: Jesus

longing and begging

It’s December 17th, we are right in the season of Advent, and I can’t recall a time I have longed for Jesus so badly. This week has been nothing short of longing. Longing for hope, peace, and anything that remotely resembles joy. And this is just my little life. One of my friends had her heart ripped out of her chest on Tuesday morning, discovering that the little boy she thought was going to be hers was in fact not anymore. They call it adoption reversal, which sounds like a… Read more longing and begging

because i can’t count on my hands

I knew once we announced our pregnancy, the questions would come like raging rabbits in search of a garden. “How long are you going to breastfeed?” “Are you going to get an epidural?” “Have you started shopping for maternity clothes yet?” “Are you going to find out the gender of the baby?” Contrary to what the tone may imply, I enjoy questions because questions urge dialogue. I get to hear people’s stories, what their personal experience has been, and what they wish they would’ve known or done differently. So in… Read more because i can’t count on my hands

we are not enough.

My husband is not enough. My friends, nope, they are not enough. My mother, she is not enough. My father, he is not enough. My brother, he is not enough. My coworkers are not enough. My students, daggonit, they are not enough. None of us are enough. We want people to be enough. We wear them out, force them into roles they were not meant to play, beg them to be playdough in our hands–shaping them into the exact people, leaders, spouses, friends we hope and dream them to become. But, I… Read more we are not enough.