watching marriage happen

We went to this wedding yesterday…
And I’m pretty sure I didn’t every cry that much in my own wedding. Well, everyone there was crying. People who are typically classified as stoic and even a bit alienish (like my husband) shed a couple of tears. From beginning to end… their wedding was about Christ. And it changed everything.

We’ve been to lots of weddings in our short married life, and all of them in their own way are beautiful. It’s the joining of two lives–people committing to stick it out, no matter what… and unless you are cold and heartless, that’s beautiful. But add Jesus in the picture, and it changes everything. No matter who you were or how you knew Nate and Brooke, it was clear to all in attendance that their commitment was because of Christ. They not only committed to love each other, serve each other breakfast on Saturday mornings, and go to family events together. No–they pledged something even bigger than that. Nate and Brooke decided to let God use their lives for the rest of their time on earth together… and that is the most beautiful covenant of all.

I love weddings. I love watching people say I do. And I love seeing Christ in the center of it all. Congratulations, Nate & Brooke. We love you guys.

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