small moment in a big story

I have written about my dear friend Stephanie before, how she singlehandedly draws out the best in people in every room she enters into, and how she just overall makes life a lot more laughable. She got married this past weekend, and it was such an honor to stand beside her in her wedding day. Her day was special for all sorts of reasons, but on an entirely selfish level, the day was really special for me. Since I’m about 5 months pregnant, I freely admit my emotions are running a little high. There was something about standing next to some of my closest friends, with this baby in my belly, watching Stephanie commit her life to the man we’ve all prayed for, and knowing I was apart of something very big in such a small moment.

The minister had Stephanie and Adam turn around and look at all the people who have been apart of their “story” before he began the ceremony, and to look out at all the teary-eyed faces was a little breathtaking. We all prepare for the big moments of life, the ones that we assume will take our breath away. But that was one that caught me off guard. Thinking about the many people who have shaped Adam’s life and how God knit together experiences that led him to this moment of promising his life to Stephanie was overwhelming. And to look at all the people who have shaped Stephanie’s life, most of whom I know, was equally as beautiful.

And then all the while to glance down at this little belly, and pray the same for him, well . . . that sent this pregnant lady over the emotional edge. I pray that he has the same kind of community as Stephanie and Adam have shared, and that on milestone days, he is able to reflect on all the people who have shaped his story.

Thanks for letting us be apart of your wedding day, Stephanie & Adam. We love you.

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