prayer for our son

Dear baby boy,

We are so thrilled about you. When we heard the words, “You’re having a baby boy!” both of us sat with jaws dropped and staring at the screen with tear-filled eyes. We both failed at coming up with words to describe how swollen with joy our hearts felt. (Don’t tell him I told you this, but your dad may or may not have cried.)

We have prayed for you ever since we found out you existed, before we knew anything about you. And while I pray every day that you keep growing, I also pray for your character.

I pray you are so full of humility that at the first glance of pride, we guide you towards apology and grace.

I pray you are just like your father, in all of his loyalty and strength, and grow up to admire and love him.

I pray you have a heart full of compassion, seek out the broken and hurting, and live with arms open to the world, ready to love it.

I pray you have a hunger and thirst for knowledge, and it comes from a yearning in your soul to know your Creator deeply.

I pray you are a good friend to others, are loyal and true, and seek authentic friendships, no matter how hard it may be.

I pray during the season of your life when you begin to question us, you know that we love you.

I pray your heart will melt when you first discover the grace of Christ. And I pray that you would accept it recklessly.

I pray you will live a life of love.

I pray God gives us guidance when we don’t know what to do.

Most of all, baby boy, I pray we give you to God, as He so graciously gave you to us. I pray He gives us the courage to trust Him with whatever journey He takes you on.

We love you so much already.

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