Show Us Your Life: I’m a youth pastor, wife, friend, sister, daughter, dreamer, idealist…

I follow a blog called Kelly’s Korner where she features a post on Fridays called “Show Us Your Life.” This Friday, she featured Ministry Wives/Women in Ministry. Here’s a brief picture of our lives:

I’m married to my best friend, Kyle. He is the most funny, wise, and honest man I know. We met at Cincinnati Christian University and were friends for a while before we started dating (which is another story itself). This is a picture from the beginnings of our relationship, 3 years before the “I really love you” and “Will you marry me?” We were clueless, crushing, and feeling all the awkward, beautiful tension a brand new relationship brings. Can’t you see it in our body language?

I’ve learned to style my hair since then…

Fast forward a 5(ish) years. Married, living in Indianapolis (my hometown), and truly grateful for the life we’ve been given. Kyle is a Social Studies teacher, and I’m a youth pastor. We serve at a church on the westside of Indy, and this June I’ll have been there 3 years. It’s a little surreal. Going on my 4th year in ministry, I think I can say with integrity that ministry is hard. But guess what? So are people. And so am I, for that matter.

We live pretty crazy lives, but love it. Sometimes our schedules bring us together, sometimes we wave to each other going in and out of our driveway. But we both get to serve/work in areas we are gifted, and really, how many 20somethings can say that?

So, there it is… in a brief, packaged, 3-paragraph post. Here’s our life!

2 thoughts on “Show Us Your Life: I’m a youth pastor, wife, friend, sister, daughter, dreamer, idealist…”

  1. Very cute! I love this link up to get to look into the lives of others that minister. We are a church plant in CA. I wrote a post about it if you would like to check it out. I love that you said people are difficult..but so are you…amen so am I! Thanks for sharing

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