the dreaded february

This chalkboard hangs to the right of our entryway. Since December and up until today, it has read, “Christmastime is here!” Yep, I’m serious. But this morning that was all taken care of, thanks to Shauna Niequist and her lovely way with words. Please mind my kindergarten-handwriting.  

Every year I dread February, and although numerically it is the shortest month in our 365-day year, it seems to feel the longest. Dramatic, I know. However, this has to be, in the history of February, the fastest February ever. Even though this one was longer. Or at least in the tiny world of Anne Wilson, this was the fastest February ever.

I blinked in January and woke up in February without writing a single post. Shameful. There is oh-so-much inspiration to bring forth with words, but there just hasn’t been the time. Or–scratch that–I haven’t taken the time. This is a major slap-on-the-wrist move in blogging world and in Anne-world. I’m working on it.

So, until then, know this: this is a season of rediscovery for me. Rediscovering what it looks like for God to intersect into my daily life, how to simply be, how to live in grace and love, and remembering that I am not dust and bones …and neither is any other person I meet.

Much more to come. Hopefully.

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