love and mawiage: 68 days away.

On day 92, I would have told you that it was scaring me how much I didn’t feel like a “bridezilla.” I mean, truly. I almost felt guilty that I was not pouring over magazines on a daily basis,, or working out details in my spare time. When I was relaxing in the morning I would often think, “Is there something I should be doing? Why am I not stressed out? Should I be stressed out? Every bride I’ve known in this stage of the game is stressed out–I need stress!” How ridiculous, right? A few days ago, I would’ve told you I was ready to just get this thing over with… until this weekend.
This past Saturday, I had my first Bridal Shower with Kyle’s family and church friends. I LOVE, love, love that I gained a new family in this whole marriage thing. The fun part–the love and marriage part–is getting closer. Before, I was swamped in details that seemed to have no end, but now, the end is in sight. Marriage is at the other side of the door. Kyle and I went through our pre-marital counseling this summer, both loved it (me probably more than him), and already put a lot of the communication stuff into practice. (PS-I’ll take this opportunity to be a public service announcement: for anyone who has ever tossed around the idea of going to a professional counselor for pre-marital counseling… DO IT! I cannot stress it enough, I am a dedicated fan of professional counseling. Ministers are great, but here’s the truth–if they talk to you about money and sex, it’s awkward, no one is honest… let’s be real here.)
So, all that to say, the day is coming. It’s drawing near. No, we don’t know where we’ll live yet–but rest assured, that will come in October. Until then, please don’t ask. :)

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