5 enemies of unity.

When there is unity in diversity, that’s where community can really come alive.
Today I found something on a blog that was simple and yet so stinkin’ useful. It was taken from a conference in Atlanta called Catalyst. Actually, I was supposed to go… but plans got mixed up and I couldn’t. If anything, thanks to my blog-stalking skills, I gleaned something–even if it was a year later.
5 Enemies of Unity”(Andy Stanley)
1) Poor communication (the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing)
2) Gossip (a negative is discussed with anyone who can’t help solve the problem)
3) Unresolved disagreements (when the leader avoids the conflicts taking place within the team)
4) Lack of shared purpose (when the leader doesn’t restate the goal or vision)
5) Sanction incompetence (it demoralizes the team when someone on the team gets away with something and a leader won’t take action)
I pray that we are jolted by these on a daily basis–and that no matter what environment–we choose to seek unity in all things, even when it’s down-right hard.

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