new beginnings.

Alrighty–time for a “new beginning” update. I’ve had quite a few changes in the past week, so I’ll do this thing secretary style and give them a little order.

#1. My computer has been revived. Thanks to having Mark Durham in my life, aka Pater Familia, I can blow up my computer and then have him put it back together. This is not the first time this has happened… last time, laundry detergent was coming out the backend of my MacBook. Yes–I am that good.

#2. I’m a resident of Broadway. Really, it’s fate. Our bathroom still does not have a sink, I’m brushing my teeth in an unfinished kitchen, and my bed has wheels. Did I mention that I live with two of my favorite people in the world, walk next door to have a wardrobe change, and sit on the front porch in the mornings in preparation for the day? Because of all of those things… I love my life.

#3. I’m on staff at Chapel Rock Christian Church. I had my first “official” day today–you know you’re official when you have a nametag and a list of phone extensions for everyone else in the office. I was greeted with a vase full of flowers and an office with a window (very important). Love it so far and I’m anticipating the things to come.

#4. One of my best friends is a no longer a “Miss.” Her wedding was stinkin’ beautiful for all the right reasons… and I even made it through without balling my eyes out, which is a huge step for me. Although my feet had quite a few blisters, beauty is pain. Their ceremony was intimate and just plain lovely. :)

#5. I’m an early riser. I don’t know what it is–the sunlight in my bedroom or a renewed sense of energy, but I have naturally woken up daily around 7am. And it actually feels pretty good.

Welp, that’s all for now. Perhaps I will experience a new beginning coming home from work today as I attempt to fight the traffic of Meridian street for the first time… more tomorrow, or next week. :-)

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