Just call me Crash Durham.

I’ve had many “firsts” here at Pinedale. First time living in the South… first time sweating in the Spring season… first time having to say, “make that tea UN-sweetened, please.” However, perhaps the most monumental “first” was accomplished last night as I obliviously drove down into a ditch while attempting to make a U-turn.

Yes, I am okay. Yes, my car is alright. No, I wasn’t intoxicated.
Last night as I was waiting for Candace outside the church, I pulled off to the side to get out of the way of those trying to get to the highway. Welp, Candace came out… got in, and I thought, “hmm… I either back up or make a quick U-turn. I’m in a little rabbit, surely this is no big deal.” What I failed to realize was that I was about to make a U-turn into a ginormo ditch, so what was seemingly “no big deal” turned into a tiny problem. The “somewhat-level” grass dropped down. At first, I assumed I just miscalculated and tried to put it in reverse (yes, I really am that dumb). Within seconds, about ten students came running to my car, and one youth leader said, “You’re going to need to call a tow truck.” I looked out my window to the ground and replied, “Wait a minute, are my back wheels in the air?”
Fortunately for me, an elder at Pinedale owns a body shop and came to my rescue. My car is fine, no catastrophic damage done. Funniest part of all? Although I would love to tell you I was dodging a deer or a small child, I really just drove straight down into the ditch thinking it was a flat-level plain.

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