a few things i’m loving

Fall is my most favorite season of all, and before I wake up and it’s December, I wanted to share a bit of goodness with you. No, this is not a sponsorship post, just things I’m actually loving.

First: Stitchfix. A few months ago, I decided to majorly scale down my closet. I was tired of buying cheap stuff and watching it unravel within weeks, so I decided to live out of my closet for two months and then get rid of anything I didn’t wear. If you’re like me and buy things on clearance racks (and convince yourself you’re “saving money”), and in months scrap it because everything has 3 holes in it… Stitchfix. I got a coupon at a conference to try it, and after a month of debate, I decided to go for it. If they sent me stuff I hated, I could send it all back, so why not? And wow, I loved it. It’s an online personal shopping assistant delivered to your door. No really, it’s that awesome. They should have a song. After filling out my style profile and linking my Pinterest account, they developed a style just for me to try. And the best part? If you don’t like it, they supply packaging for you to ship it right back. No harm done. It’s definitely a once-a-year type of thing for me, but wow, it was fun!

Here are some pics of my “fix”:

image-1 image-2 image-3

I know, I know. Real bloggers take pictures of themselves in their clothes, I just couldn’t do it. Not because I’m above it, I just… couldn’t. But do you see the little “outfit idea” cards? Genius, particularly for people like me who wear one piece obsessively (as in: day, night, and to sleep) and then ditch it for a year. The girly side of me simply lost my mind.

Okay, moving on.

At the same conference, I met a really sweet girl named Caitlin, who actually lives about twenty minutes from me. She owns a pretty amazing shop called Lettered Life, where she makes all kinds of really pretty things. I’ve eyed this piece for a while … and it finally made its way to my mantle this week:


Thanks for the living room tears, Caitlin.

Best and last: Jesus Feminist. 


I’ve been waiting for this book to come out since I first heard Sarah talk about it on her blog. During my senior year of college, I wrote a paper in my New Testament Seminar class attempting to convey what Sarah has so beautifully created in this book. Feminism is so misunderstood within Christian culture, and I have strayed away from using the word in most circles because of how much it’s been distorted. But on an issue polarized by extremes, Sarah’s soft and gentle voice is so refreshing. And I really can’t say enough about her writing.

So, there you have it: the words on my mantle, the clothes in my scaled-down closet, and the book on my nightstand. Happy living.

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