listening, watching, reading | june

Listening … I don’t know if it’s parenthood, or just my general coolness-decline, but either way, it embarrasses me to say I’m not listening to much these days. My time in the car is normally spent catching up on phone conversations, and if not, I kind of forget to turn on music. WHO AM I? Someone help get me out of this!

Watching … Mad Men. Is there any redemption for Don? What will come of Sylvia? Will Peggy ever get the respect she deserves? And who is this new Betty? And Sally… poor, poor Sally. Sometimes I trick myself into thinking these people are all my real friends and I’m rooting for them on the sidelines. (Except Pete … who could ever root for Pete?) Yes. I have issues.

Reading … I’m about three years late on this, but this month’s read is A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller. I am learning so much from Miller about the concept of story and how I can live a better one.

Eating … THIS. Blueberry Crisp from Bread & WineAnd before you say, “I really shouldn’t, I’ve been eating too much sugar,” (I’ve heard of these people) fear not–there is not a single teaspoon of sugar in this recipe. And it’s still delicious.

image (3)

Drinking … water, coffee, and Passion tea. Thank you, Erica Garcia, for re-introducing me to this obsession.

Wearing … Dresses. All day, every day. This in-between-body has lent itself to some very creative (albeit hideous) outfits. I’ve accepted & embraced it. That’s the beauty of walking around sleep-deprived–I’m too tired to notice! What was once an obsession and borderline idol has become an afterthought. Pretty freeing, actually.

Weather … This has been the most beautiful summer I can recall. We eat dinner outside almost every night we’re home. And I love it.

Wanting … a little maid to come to my house while everyone’s asleep and clean everything, top to bottom.

Thinking … how bizarre it is that my deepest desire in life is for a little maid to break into my house. Really. It’s what I want.

Feeling … just plain excited. I’m officiating a wedding tonight, and our first Father’s Day with Keegan is approaching this Sunday. I love getting a front row seat to two people committing to love each other, for better and worse.

Enjoying … All of this:

imageimage (2)image (1)

What about you? What are you on a steady diet of this June? Can you help me out of my music slump?

3 thoughts on “listening, watching, reading | june”

  1. The ability to listen to music will come back, though for a while you will find that whatever songs are playing on Nick Jr, Sesame Street, or the Disney channel may be your choices! I suppose for me by the time I had teenagers I rediscovered the music I loved, partly in thanks to my teenagers “discovering” classic rock! Enjoy this time in your life Anne, it really does go by fast!

  2. I’m Loving All Sons and Daughters. For real, they get me through my morning “i don’t want to do anything but lie in bed” slump.

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