listening, watching, reading

Listening… Christmas music started a few weeks ago around our house. This year, we’ve gone from Ella Fitzgerald to Rosie Thomas to Hillsong and back to Straight No Chaser. So to say we have an eclectic taste is, well, an understatement.

Watching… New Girl and Parenthood (well, I’m the only one watching Parenthood). Kyle and I laugh out loud on Tuesday nights watching New Girl. But that’s about it around here. Well . . . I lie. I’m a dedicated fan to the Today Show in the mornings, but that’s a given. What can I say? I love Matt Lauer. And I miss Ann Curry.

Reading… I got my ADHD-like reading tendencies under control and am only reading two books now: Daring Greatly by Brene Brown and Caring For Your Baby and Young Child by . . . lots of people. I can’t say enough about Daring Greatly. I am almost on the verge of telling strangers in Target about it, along with every coworker and friend I know. So if you’ve been around me, and I have not yet talked about this book, it’s probably because I haven’t found a way to naturally make it apart of the conversation. But it’s coming, my friends, it’s coming.

Eating… Ready? All I can think about lately is ICE. I want ice all the time. We don’t have an ice maker at home, so Kyle has been very kind in making sure our ice trays are constantly full so that I can satisfy my ice cravings all the night long. Ice, ice, ice. Perhaps by the end of this pregnancy I will write a song about my strong affection for ice.
Drinking… Water. And then some iced tea. And then lots of water.
Wearing… Whatever fits. Whatever. Fits.
Feeling… Anxious. Grateful. Excited. Peaceful. Achy. Ready. Not ready. Vulnerable.  Every emotion, really.
Weather… Perfect. Today’s high was 52˙, and I’m a cold-weather girl.
Wanting… some ice. And a date with my husband.
Needing… more of Jesus.
Thinking… about Brene’s (we’re on a first-name basis, and by that I mean I call her by her first name and she has NO idea who I am) wise words at the beginning of chapter 2, “We can’t opt out of the uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure that’s woven through our daily experiences. Life is vulnerable.” Feeling every bit of that.
Enjoying… a season full of get-togethers, friends, family, music, good food, candles, and ice cubes.

One thought on “listening, watching, reading”

  1. alright. i’m getting the book tomorrow. if we lived closer i would sooo force you to be in a book club with me. and i’m with you on the cold weather…getting all bundled up…holler! cant wait to see your preggo self!!!!!!

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