loss and joy

About a year ago, our friend Rob was diagnosed with brain cancer. He lost his battle early Saturday morning. Rob had been a youth leader at Chapel Rock longer than I’ve been alive. There is so much to say about his beautiful life, but today words aren’t really coming to me. I’m a mixed bag emotions–relief for him, that he is now whole and complete in Christ, while also feeling sad in the loss of our friend. So since no words will do, I have two favorite pictures:

This photo is from the Senior Trip in 2010. Things to notice: warning sign against bears, and Rob’s unafraid face. There was steadiness to Rob in his ability to not be dominated by outside circumstances, which rang true in so many areas of his life. Including walking straight down a path with potential bears.

This photo was taken in our backyard the night we moved into our house. Rob, along with many other youth leaders, moved in all of our stuff within an hour. Afterwards we spent some time on our patio and Rob played with Nick & Niccole’s daughters, Nora and Macy. His gentle and quiet spirit resulted in him being a total kid-magnet.

Goodbye for now, Rob. We will miss you.

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