a medley of sorts

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged/updated/ranted/expressed myself through written word, and so today, I will confess, this will not be poetic or lovely but simply a medley, a mixed bag of information of the last month or so. I completely understand if you check out now.

We were grateful beyond reason this year to spend so much time with people we love… family, friends, students–ah, it’s been so good. Kyle had his first experience of “teacher break,” which–who knew, by the way, that teachers look forward to winter break more than students? Affter the first two days of pure slothdom/recovery passed, he couldn’t sit still and ended up doing house projects, playing basketball, reading up for his J-Term class, and hanging out with people he normally wouldn’t be able to. I had a bit of a lax break, as well, as the office at Chapel Rock was open sporadically and as a youth ministry we take it easy in December, which is nice. We had all kinds of people over throughout the holiday–college friends, Chapel Rock friends, Covenant friends, westside friends, our families… man it was good. And once again, I was affirmed of our decision in taking the house plunge. I love hosting and all that entails.

Kyle is teaching his first J-Term class right now. Covenant does January a little different than most high schools–teachers are allowed to pick a subject (with very little limitation) and teach it for 3-hour blocks during the day for two weeks. Some students choose internships with companies during that time, some get to go on mission trips, and some choose classes they want to take. Kyle is teaching a class on the Civil War, so as you can imagine he is loving every minute of it.

And as for me, I am getting ready for the new year… planning, creating, dreaming, exercising, and all of that. I have been seriously lax in the health department, and whenever I think about how disciplined I used to be about exercise I want to kick myself. It’s not about weight, it’s about being healthy (I keep telling myself that). And because of my history, it is necessary for my mental and emotional sanity that I spend time with my endorphins. Therefore, to motivate (and guilt) myself into exercise, I signed up for the Mini-Marathon in Indy this Spring. Yes, you read that right. I (not a natural runner) will be panting my way through jogging 13 miles this May.

There you have it, there’s your Wilson Update for the new year. No official resolutions (although my dream of meeting Ellen Degeneres is still on the list) or crazy stories. Our hearts were filled to the brim, we ate way too much, and are now getting out of the holiday-funk that both of us set into without routine. So here’s to a new year! I promise something meaningful next time…

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