Here comes the bride…

A year ago around this time of year, I walked down the aisle. The photo you see to your left was from the rehearsal day, when my nerves were on high-speed and Erin escaped with  me to get my mani/pedi in the morning. :) Tomorrow, along with eleven other girls, I’m doing the same. Erin is walking down the aisle in TWO DAYS… and really, there are no words to accurately express how much I love and admire this girl woman. A friend ten years in the making, I could not be more honored to stand beside her. She is a woman of integrity, purity, honesty, love, compassion, passion, joy, and words could go on and on. What I love even more about Erin is that she is whole… whole in Jesus and no one else. Josh is an excellent addition to her life, but he does not complete her life. Jesus does. There will be more to come later, but for now, I’m just excited.

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