take-out and boxes

There’s sort of been this re-occurring theme over the course the past 23 years, and it goes like this, “Hey change, what’s up? I’ll take you on all at once. I know it would be better for my health and sanity to spread you out, but why not just tackle you all in one month, or one year. That way I can just go go go and eventually fall on the floor and cry.”

All of that was true except the falling on the floor and crying part. I usually do my crying in the shower. :)

So-are you ready for this? Kyle and I are closing on our first house today. In one word, I’m ecstatic. Everything about being a homeowner excites me. Here’s just my short list: pulling into a garage, taking the garbage to the end of my driveway and not a dumpster, opening the back door to let Abby go run and play, our kitchen and living room being a place of rest, relaxation, and fellowship, our guest bathroom being clean for more than a day, sitting on the back deck with friends in the fall, spring, and summer, playing in the yard when it snows, building snowmen, getting mail from our mailbox, oh there’s so much more. It’s the little things, people!

It’s funny, just a few years ago at Thanksgiving I was laughing and making fun of my cousin and his wife for spending an entire Thanksgiving day clipping coupons to buy things for their house. I remember saying, “Really? That brings you joy? To find out that an iron costs $29 instead of $35?” I couldn’t imagine that life. Now I’m rejoicing about washing machines and paint colors, too. And the thought of having takeout in our new living room while we are surrounded by boxes and opportunities tonight is just sweet.

I love this phase of life. And I feel bad for the 19-year-old me that scoffed at it.

3 thoughts on “take-out and boxes”

  1. Hi you sweet, sweet girl. I happened up upon your blog a while ago and have so enjoyed keeping up with you and Kyle. We think of you often and with much love. I am thrilled for you and your new life and now your new home. I love ‘hearing’ the excitement in your voice as you discover what God has planned for you. I love that you see each new experience as an adventure. I love that you choose joy. Enjoy your take-out in the middle of the boxes tonight. Doesn’t get much better than that. Oh, and be kind to the ‘scoffing’ of your 20’s, 30’s etc…You WILL see it again. Life is like that. Much love, Cheryl

  2. I am so excited for you guys! Take lots of pictures, you’ll never forget your first home, or love one more! Can’t wait ’til November to come visit you guys!!!!

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