My roommate and long-time best friend, Erin, is my many-language-speaking buddy. She has taught me a lot in this short lifetime… one of which being many different sayings in Arabic, Portuguese, and Spanish. Recently, after overhearing her say “Enshallah” several times to herself, I learned that “Enshallah” means “Lord-willing” in Arabic. So, Lord-willing, I have a lot coming to me… and I am in no way ready for it, but not worried in the least (which is where that Enshallah part comes in).

I’ve never really been a person for “countdown calendars,” but with so many events/major life changes approaching, I felt it would be appropriate.

14 days: Trip to Fresno, CA to see my future in-laws!
48 days: Leaving Indy and moving back to Cincinnati, OH until otherwise indicated…
92 days: Taking a trip to the famous cabin in the boondocks of Indiana to spend time with my long lost friends
144 days: Becoming Mrs. Anne Marie Wilson… if you can think of a good jingle to go with my new name (to give it a little spice), that’d be sweet.

Enshallah from here on out.

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