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Category: Motherhood

on working and mothering

Back in October, I was out to lunch with baby in tow when I overheard a conversation that usually makes me cringe. It was between two moms, and they were going back and forth about their other mom-friends, when one of them said, “It’s just sad to me that ________ doesn’t really get to spend time with her kids, you know… because she’s chosen to work and have someone else raise them.” Oh, for the love. I’ve been at this “working and mothering” thing for almost a year now, and… Read more on working and mothering

granola and glasses of milk

On a Tuesday afternoon, a week after Keegan was born, my phone rang. I recognized the area code, so I answered, hoping it would be someone with answers to something. “Hello?” “Hi, is this Anne Wilson?” “Yes.” “Hi, Anne! I’m one of the nurses from your hospital. I was just calling to check in and see how you and your little baby are doing.” “Ok.” “So . . . how are you doing?” “I don’t know.” “You don’t know? Honey, are you crying?” “Yes.” “Oh, sweetheart. It’s going to get… Read more granola and glasses of milk