listening, reading, and watching | november

What better way to usher myself back into blogging semi-regularly than to tell you what I’m listening to, watching, and reading? I’m almost always doing all three in some form or fashion, so this should be easy (and fun).

Listening to: 

I’m still on a steady diet of podcasts (here’s a great how-to guide of how to listen to a podcast if this is unfamiliar territory for you!) as I spend a lot of my free time driving, cleaning, or grocery shopping. Podcasts are perfect for these moments because I can press play on my phone, put my ear buds in, and enjoy a discussion on something that interests me while doing a menial task that would otherwise drain me. It’s like having your favorite radio program on demand. So, here are a few I’m loving right now:

Sorta Awesome with Megan Tietztumblr_inline_nrmritRh5e1tpy7v1_500
I love this podcast because it’s fun, entertaining, and conversational. It actually feels like you’re sitting down two good friends and chatting about everything from the deep to the ridiculous.

Here’s one of my favorite episodes with Laura Tremaine all about how to host an awesome party. Hint: it’s not about making everything perfect.


NPR Pop Culture Happy Hour
Another favorite from NPR, all about books, television, movies, and music. Here’s a recent episode that I particularly enjoyed, with a full summary of and commentary on Tom Hanks’ career. Do you consider him the mayor of Hollywood? In this episode, the hosts talk through what makes Hanks so relatable, and that most of his fame revolves around him playing warm and decent characters (with a few exceptions that didn’t work very well). If you like pop culture, you’ll love NPR’s pop culture happy hour.

In the Room with Ryan Huguley 1500x1500sr
This is a new-to-me podcast within the past couple of months, but I’ve enjoyed his interview style and the people he chooses as guests. Most of the shows are Ryan and another person he interviews, with discussions ranging from ministry, life, reading, work, etc. Here’s a recent interview I loved with Jen Wilkin from The Village Church in Dallas, Texas.


Here’s what’s on my book table this month:


Rising Strong by Brené Brown51K5xunS2RL._SX332_BO1,204,203,200_
Is it annoying to tell you that I loved Brené Brown before she was cool? Well, I did, and I still do. Brené’s work on vulnerability, courage, and shame has changed my life. I’m reading this alongside a friend, so we’re taking it chapter by chapter. I’ve loved it so far.

The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway79873-cover
Do you have books you should have read by now, but just haven’t for whatever reason, and you’re a little embarrassed by it? That’s how I feel about most things by Ernest Hemingway. My husband is a huge Hemingway nerd, and for no good reason at all, I haven’t read much of his work. So I’m fixing that this year, starting with The Old Man and the Sea. 

Watching . . .

Well folks, prepare yourselves for boredom. I do not love any fall television this year. All of my shows ended last year–and yes, it was a hard year. I’ll push through, don’t worry, but let’s recap: Parks & Recreation, Parenthood, and Mad Men all ended last year. Those were the only shows I kept up with or made time for, and now they’re gone. While this has been good for productivity levels, it’s been a bit painful for entertainment purposes. So, ready for this?

Seinfeld p183875_b_v9_ab
Hulu released the entire Seinfeld series this fall, and we’re making our way through it. I had seen bits of Seinfeld growing up, as my parents loved it, but had never watched it all the way through. Also, Kyle and I might have dressed up as Elaine and Jerry this year, and we also won the award for “Best Overall Costume.” (I would share photos with you, dear reader, but my husband is intensely private and he married me, the poor guy. He has his limits, you know?)

So, that’s it! What are you watching–is there something I’m missing? What podcasts are you loving? And what book can you not shut up about? Let me know in the comments.

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